In September of 1999 Argys create-a-band struggle had finally reached to an end after discovering that Bax, Phantomas and George Montes were sharing the same hardcore blueprint. Along with Billy (who has now left the band), the band came up with a name focused on the psycho-wrath of each individual member of it and almost immediately begun writing songs and performing live in audience.

One year later Psycho Choke hit the studios recording their Choke On This debut album at Mix studios under the production of Fotis Demertzis. By the end of 2001 P.C. had their debut cd on their hands but it was not until their live act with Soulfly that Al Roy (their new singer) met the band and vice versa.

After a short period of tension and disagreements Billy decides to leave the band and it was a matter of time until Al Roy got in studio with the rest of the band for an Audition. The joining in was inevitable. New material with the influence of theyoungest part gave them in almost 5 months a complete band new 11 track demo, titled "One Mind Less".

The demo receives rave reviews around the globe, with highlight being the "Demo of the Month" award in Greece's Metal Hammer magazine (Febr. 2006 issue).

Since then, Psycho Choke wrote and recorded a 4 track Mini-CD called "The Last Moments of Absence", which you can exclusively hear on this website! The new material features the aggression of the band's old works but at the same time combines great melodies and catchy big choruses with effective hooklines. The production and overall sound is also of high quality.

In the summer of 2007 Psycho Choke shot their first video clip under the direction of George"Detox"Papaioannou. The minimal concept, the green sepia colours and the solid underground feeling in combination with the great experience and magic touch of the director gave a clip that won the greatest reviews in press and became a "sine qua non" in the track lists of almost all rock-metal bars in Thessaloniki.

In the spring of 2009 the band started recording their new -long anticipated- full length album called "Unraveling Chaos". It took two months to record it and another six to mix it, reamp it, and master it at Hansen studios in Denmark by Jacob Hansen (Nightrage, Volbeat, Mercenary). The result of this process was the heaviest shit you've ever heard..

With a little help from their friends- Gus.G (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind), Marios Iliopoulos & Olof Morck (Nightrage) and Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Anubis Gate, Beyond Twilight) Psycho Choke came up with the Sickest - kick ass album of 2010. Play it only on high volume -It's like bungee jumping for the first time: you will shit your pants and then you will love it..

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