It's spinning round round in my head
Distorted truth wants us to believe
The story seems that never ends
Serenity is far away
The faith of millions like you and me
Always in the hands of a puppet king
You try to deny reality
But you can choke in his strings

We had no chance before They feed us lies how long
We had no chance before They want our brain mo more
Stand stand up mother fucker

I had been hunting my own name
I watch the worlds end to decay
Who's paying the price who takes the blame?
That's why I'm living for the day
Brother believe me time has come
They have to kneel in frond of the gun
For all the times we felt distress
Tear down the walls, clean up this mess

We only got one chance to take
All we gotta do is take down those fuckers we hate
I said we only got one motherfucking chance to take
So just shut the fuck up and stand up

So many times our hands into chains
No more no more control

You had no chance before
They feed you lies how long
They steal - your might they want Your brain.

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