Smoke it
You blow your mind into a pitch of gray
You want to feel things in a different way
The blast explodes inside your fucking mind
Taking you up another time
I am I

Another day some other way
Will find some cell to kill today
Another joint you' get the point
Smoking all you green technologies

So if you got some doobage
I want you to roll that fucker up
Put it in your mouth and light it up

The smoke that infiltrates into your lungs
Confusing body limbs until their numb
Another level you will start to climb
The ecstasy breathes in your mind
I am I

I got what you want and really need
Take another toke you'll really see
I am what you'll never be
Take a look inside of me
I got what you never be
Take a look inside

I am what you'll never be
Take a look inside of me
Take a hold of

Time will never go away

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