You locked me up here to ease my mind
You think I'm crazy all the time
The schizophrenic is all I hear
They run in panic when I am near
I'm just a little shy you see
But all I want is for you to bleed

The medication for my duration
The medication for my vacation
Sleeping off to lala-land
Losing control of
Don't understand why

Ticking and tocking
The clock starts a knocking
The drugs I have taken today
Pick up the pieces
That look just like leeches
The doc. starts a chatting away
I am the preacher of life

Will you prescribe it identify it
I'm going under sedation reach it
Shrink you need it
Shrink you feel it shrink
You're going under…

Voices are shouting
Don't do no good pouting
And I will just fuck what will say
Prick me with needles
To feel like a beetle
And squash me right into your hand
I am the preacher of life

Some more of these blue ones
Some more of these red ones
Some more of these pink ones
Some more of these green ones

Give it to me every day
Overdose me on my way
Losing sight of what I am
Am I dysfunctioned?
More than I am

I can't control I'm losing it
The medication all this time

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