Take me home
Back to the place where
I always thought I belonged

Another time another place
Dimensions falling away
A burning light a shinning star
Where I am caught in its glaze
I cannot hear the sacred sound
My eardrums blowing away
Wanting to feel the groovy sound
But I am caught in a haze

In deepest space, exploded
Without a trace, of corrosion

Here on my own
Flying in stellar delusions
My mind is gone

The blackest pit a shade of gray
The warp is under a fray
The fire thrust that I engage
Will bring me back to a faze
The ions crush the atom
Lines a ruckus from outer days
My engines buck under the rush
Of light years passing away

From outer space it's coming
The human race is running
What the will find a disaster
Galactify your master

From outer space from outer space
But you will fuck it away
Another time another place
Where you were sick in the daze
I never want to be the one
To feel the groove in its haze
But you will find another life
But you can take away
But you will fuck away
Galactic groove

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