Fuck it all away

You really want to play the game
Try again you'll go insane
Losing track of what you'll find
Disturbing motions in your mind
Don't give a fuck of what you say
I will piss it all away
Digging deep into your hide I will fuck what
you will find

Jump back Psycho Choke you did
the world of detention
Planting the seeds with lethal injection
what you will find a clown discover
In your day fuck it all away

You really want to try again Roll
the dice you just can't win
Retarded assholes in my way Will
discover tooth decay
Dilapidating pussy holes that I will stick
with my own pole
Taste the juices running down your mouth
don't spit it out just swallow down

Jump back Psycho Choke Feeling the
sickness all that's around us
Picking up pieces they will not find us
Taking the pills that make you feel better

In your day psycho choke I am I'm going insane I am I'm going insane
A joke you think it's a fucking joke
Psycho Choke

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