Drugs take them every day
Just to make the pain go away
Fun is all that want
So I went out and bought me a gun
Shoot everything in sight
Want the outside turns into night
Drown in all of this trip
Until my head starts to flip

Break the rock cut a line
Break the rock cut it wired

Deep inside my head there is fire
I will fill all my desires
All before it just expires
Take another drink of life

Injecting these things in my vain
Just to make my mind go insane
Illusions I cannot believe
When it all has happened to me
Popping some more of this pills
Hallucinations are thrills
Laughing my way to the grave
There's nothing left more to say

Break the rock cut another
Take a line you will feel it today
In your mind you are going
Lost in time you are going insane

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